Rules and Regulations

Fees must be paid one month in advance.

10% DISCOUNT – if fees are paid in advance for the whole school year !

Registration fees , Re-Registration fees, as well as Examination fees ( only ballet and music department) must be paid at the beginning of the year.

As the Registration refers to the period of the whole school year, therefore the monthly school fees should be paid regularly for 10 months (from September until July) including all holidays.

If for any reason, a student is absent from classes, it does not affect her/his obligation to pay each monthly fee in the school year in order to keep her/his place in school.

In case a student leaves the school during the year, she/he is obliged to inform the school in writing one month in advance and the payment must be settled for the last month of attendance. In such a case ,the exam fees and registration and re-registration fees paid at the beginning of the year are not refundable.

The School have Special Offers for every day classes or for attending two or more departments.
The School gives discount for two or more children from the same family attending the school.