Music Department

Music department enjoys an outstanding reputation. It exist from the opening of the school from the year 1998.

Most of the lessons are according to Moscow State Music school program but you can chose English system if you prefer.
Students are offered the lessons of piano, guitar, violin, clarinet, saxophone, drums.
Beside the instrument, students are required to have solfege, history of music, theory of music and choir.

Each year students have a Christmas Concert and annual Music School Concert in the Theatre. Students of the Music Department enjoy many opportunities for solo and ensemble performances.
They are able to join music ensemble that combine different instruments playing together ,which gives them great experience.

Music development (for the age 3,4) is very important lesson in R.P.A.S. Young children learn to listen and follow music, rhythm. They learn about character, tempo of music. These lessons prepares them for music instrument and develop their musicality.

Vocal Arts provides comprehensive training and exceptional performance opportunities for singers at all levels of development.
Program includes choir, individual singing lessons, stage movement and collaboration with dance and theatre department.