School exists from 1998 as a Russian Classical Ballet and Music School, but from 2009 extended with new departments : art, liberal art, theatre, sport. Now has the name of Russian Professional Art School.
Vania Vrondi is a Director, Teacher and Choreographer of the School.
All the teachers are professionals with Master and Bachelor degrees of the reputable Russian and World Universities. Teachers of Sport department have Master of Sport degree.
Teaching at Dance Department is based upon curriculum of the Moscow State Choreography School, Music Department – Moscow State Music School, Theatre Department – Moscow State Theatre School, Art Department – Moscow State Art School.
Every School Year students have regular exams in presence of Examination Committee - Masters from Bolshoi Theatre or Russian Professional State Schools.
School follows Russian Method of teaching , but if you prefer English Method you can arrange it with a teacher and you can follow as well and English method and examination program.
The School is distinguished by quality of teaching, high demand towards students, exceptional way of introducing, presenting and giving knowledge to the students .A lot of attention we give to quality, stile and esthetic education of children.
School is providing education in following subjects:
Dance -  Classical Ballet, Historical Dance ,Character Dance ,Modern Dance, Latino-American Dance, Hip-Hop Dance, Break Dance, Zumba
Music - Piano,Violin,Guitar,Violonchelo,Saxophone,Clarinet,Drums,Solfege,Theory of Music, History of Music, Singing, Choir
Theatre – Drama , Musicals
Sport – Martial Art – Kung-fu, Wu-shu ; Gymnastic
Art & Craft – Drawing, Painting, Composition
Liberal Art – Russian Language and Literature, Greek language and literature
Adult Dance Program – Ballet for Adults, Pilates

Russian Professional Art School has extraordinary part in developing and advancement of Culture and Sport in Cyprus.