Dance Teachers

Master of Arts (Classical Ballet and Choreography)
At Moscow University of Theatrical Arts (GITIS)

Vania was born in Sarajevo,but made her first ballet steps at a American school of classical dance in Libian capital,Tripoly.However,profound ballet education started for her at the Belgrade State Ballet School.Working very hard day by day,the talented young ballerina,fascinated by ballet,soon secured first significant success.
In 1987 she was awarded by the Belgrade City Assembly as the best student ballerina.In 1988-89 Vania continued her education at the ballet department of the School of Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati,Ohio,USA winning awards for the best ballet performance and becoming the US “Honour Society”Member.
After returning to Yugoslavia in 1990 she completed her eight-year ballet education as a professional ballerina.In 1989-1990 she took part in the International Seminars in Classical and Modern dance in Budapest,Hungary.
1990- Professional engagement in the National Theatre in Sarajevo.In 1990-91 Vania was performing solo parts in classical ballets – “Giselle”,”Swan Lake”,”Don Quixote”,”La Fille mal Gardue”,”Sleeping Beauty” as well as in modern performances – “Carmina Burana”,”Dervis and Death”,”Scent of Rain in the Balkan”.The Critique particulary appreciated elegance,lyricism and at the same time passionate temperament of her dancing.
Winning a contest Vania recived a State Grant enabling her to enroll at the Ballet Department ( of Bolshoi Theatre) in the famous Moscow State Academy of Theatrical Arts (GITIS).
Vania spent 1992-1997 exploring the depths of the professional ballet and choreography.She was studying history of dance,music,costumes; theory of ballet,music,theatre,directing, drama and choreography as well mastering all kinds of dance.She was taking lessons from the most prominent dancers and teachers of the Russian ballet – E.Maximova,R.Struchkova,E.Valukin,A.Bogatyrev,I.Seh.
The professors of GITIS praised Vania`s impeccable performing and original choreography as well as exceptionally high level of her ballet mastering.
Vania`s main tutor at the Academy was Natalia Orlovkaya,a prima ballerina of Bolshoi Theatre.Vladimir Vasiliev,a world famous dancer and the General Director of Bolshoi Theatre until recent time,was the official opponent together with well known O.Lepeshinskaya at the defence of Vania`s Master Degree thesis titled:”Development of artistic expression and individual style of the classical ballet students at a professional choreographic school.”
1997 Vania was qualified as a Professional Ballet Teacher of Choreography.She specialize in classical dance,repertoire(variations and parts from all the classical ballets),she has exellent knowledge of Historical dance ( all the original dances from 15 until 20 cetury),saved and known by few people in the world.Her character dance skills are rich and authentic.She teaches dances from different nationalities:Polish,Hungarian,Spanish,Gipsy,Oriental,Chinese,…..In the field of choreography Vania showed extraordinary ideas and her choreographies has been performed by the students of Moscow University of Theatre Arts .Vania’s first teaching experience was at Voronez State Dance School.Later she continued teaching at Belgrade State Ballet School.
1998 Vania established her own school in Limassol “Russian Classical Ballet and Music School”.
2009 School is opening more departments :Art, Language and developing in to a Russian Professional Art School.
Vania speak fluently these languages: English, Greek, Russian, Serbian.

Chloe Melidou
Curriculum Vitae

Chloe Melidou was born in Limassol in 1975. She studied dance in The Laban Center for Movement and Dance (Greece –London) from which she graduated with BA(Hons) in Dance Performance- Choreography (1993-1996).

Since 1996 she lives and works in Cyprus. She had taught ballet and contemporary dance in private dance schools all over Cyprus. In 1999 she founded the Contemporary Dance Workshop (school of dance in Limassol, together with Roula Kleovoulou, where she teaches various techniques of contemporary dance, improvisation and theatrical game, until 2004.

She has also taught dance, introduction to kinesiology, kinetic-theatrical games, and improvisation to theatre students, in the framework of Theatrical Workshop organised by the Limassol Theatre Company (Ethal).

In 1999 together with Roula Kleovoulou, founded the dance company Chorotheatro Omada Pende, of which she is one of the main-resident choreographer and dancer. Chorotheatro Omada Pende has performed until today 23 productions, is a company with tactical participation at the Dance Platform Cyprus, at the summer Dance festival Cyprus, also with participations to the European Dance Festival and with independent productions.

Chloe Melidou had been awarded 2 times as a choreographer with the B’ prise of Dance Platform for her plays: “Small Daily Deaths” (in collaboration with Roula Kleovoulou) in 2001, and  for the act “The Petticoats of Love”, in 2002.

Since 2005 she has been living in Paris, where she continues her studies at the University Paris 8, from where she received her degree of Chorographical Studies (2005-2007), degree of Theatrical Studies (2006-07) and a Masters degree on Theatrical Studies (2007-2009).

In Paris, she has presented her work “Labyrinthe Quotidien” in 2007 and “Il Etait Chaque Fois” in 2008 in the framework of the festival Printemps des Poêtes. She is also working with the company Famille Mundi (theatre company), as a choreographer in the act “Midsummer’s Night Dream” in 2008-09.

From 1996 until today, Chloe Melidou regularly works as a choreographer with professionall and amateur theatre companies of Cyprus (THOK, ETHAL, Open Theatre, Theatriki Poria, and others).

Chloe is a founding member of the New Movement of Dance companies, Dancers and Choreographers of Cyprus (2004) and a founding member of the Dance House Lemesos (Limassol)(2007).