Every school year students have regular exams in the presence of Examination Committee. We usually invite famous Ballet Dancers and Teachers, Music and Singing Experts to represent our Examinations Committee:

Evgeuny Valukin – Ballet Teacher, Honoured Artist of Russia, Director of Gitis.
Nabila G Valitova – Ballet-Prima of Voronez Theatre, Honoured Artist of Russia, Director of Voronez Theatre, student of A.Vaganova
Irina A Lazareva – Ballet Soloist of Bolshoi Theatre, Honoured Artist of Russia, Ballet Teacher of Bolshoi Theatre
Konstantin K Kostyrev – Moscow Music Conservatoire, Piano Master of Bolshoi Theatre

After finishing all seven grades of our Music & Singing department, students receive Diplomas for a full Music education.

After finishing all eight grades of Ballet department, students have complete ballet education, allowing them to work in the profession of a ballet dancer, with the doors of all theatres in the world open to them.

Our school gives possibilities to students to continue dance, music, singing, art and education at famous High school and Universities of Russia and whole world.