Performing before live audience is one of the most valuable aspects of a R.P.A.S education.
Our young artists participate in nearly every festival that is organized in Cyprus.
Each year the school presents an Annual Performances that includes Music, Dance, Drama, Art and Sport Department. Students are specially prepared with extra rehearsals.
Many of R.P.A.S Performances are reviewed by the Most Popular Russian Newspaper ‘Vesnik Kipra’ and ‘Evropa Kipr’.
Until today school has been presented Performances:
‘Paridise lost and regaind’, ’Carnival of the Animals’ and ‘Renaissance period, ‘Sounds of Dance’, ‘Snow white and the seven Dwarfs, ‘Variations’and ‘The Nutckracker Suite’, ‘The story of Charlie Chaplin’, ‘ The Four Seasons Suite’ and ‘The Taste of Rock and Roll’, ‘Gone with a Wind’, Alice in Wonderland’, ’Rising Stars’ and ’Spring Impressions’.
Each Performance is with different stile and idea .Sometimes it has accent on one way of dancing, sometime it is presentation of all dances. We organize Musical Concerts and Exhibitions. It can be the classical way or the modern way, it can be educational or funny , but always with serious attitude, preparation and quality!